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Popular Kitchen Themes

If you are designing your kitchen in a brand new kitchen, then kitchen theme ideas available here to pair with your kitchen design styles.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchen design uses the best rustic decors and is the epitome of modern kitchens. It creates a feeling like you can relax and enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. The beauty in the modern farmhouse kitchen is that you can use various colors. You can try on white cabinets, grey backsplash, chocolate brown cabinets, cream backsplash, stainless steel items or black utensils. A painted chalk board is a cute way to keep a grocery list and other things.

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist kitchen is a smart option for those with a smaller kitchen areas. In this kitchen you use either one or two colors. Big cabinets act like your friend where you can hide anything that is taking up too much space. Stainless steel is a great option in this kitchen. A minimalist kitchen can sound uninteresting and boring but if done right way can surprise you with its open space and functionality.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are ideal for using both light and dark colors together. Lighting should be bright and intense to help balance out the light and dark. Contemporary kitchens are not cluttered with decor but have a few eye catching pieces throughout. Try a large bouquet of flowers, colorful fruit basket and other decor hacks.

Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchen look perfectly brings comfort and roughness together. Dark wood cabinets, dark or light countertops and low lighting creates the perfect ambience to a rustic kitchen. Pops of accent bring in the comfort such as red. Rustic kitchens are not usually suggested for smaller kitchens. Antiques are great for decor and a cheap option as well.

Tuscan Kitchen

You can bring a diverse natural landscape and a Tuscany to your kitchen. Use reds, purples, chocolates and tans to accent your kitchen. Cabinets, islands and bars should be in wood with stylish accents. In a Tuscan kitchen, decor is very important so make sure you have your pieces lined up to add the finishing touch. Be daring with your kitchen, you can’t go wrong.

Industrial Kitchen

Metal is best to use in an industrial kitchen. Use your creative side to decor your kitchen. Use shelves and metal pipes for your cabinets, add lighting pieces, piping etc. Copper countertops will prove unique and a fun idea for this kitchen.