Tips for maintaining your home in the rainy season

The most beautiful season of the year, the rainy season. Although you like it very much, from the home maintenance view, it is the most robust season. Be more cautious regarding leaks, or dampen grass. And if you don’t use quality furniture, be more careful with it too. It is one reason that such furniture is a choice for many people. Along with furniture, there are many other things to be careful. In fact, not only in the rainy season, you must take care of your home all along the year to keep it safe and beautiful for a longer time.

Take care of the roof

It is the cover of your home in the rainy season. So you must take care of it to protect your home against water. You must check for cracks and holes not only in this season but also otherwise. Check the corners if there is space for water to get in and repair it as soon as possible.


The next thing to check is the doors and windows. If they can’t be closed, repair them. So water does not get inside, for windows check the broken glass or a misplaced one. It will create an entrance for dust and water into the home.

Manage the furniture

Even after many precautions, the water may come inside. As a safety measure, move the furniture on a higher level so it may not spoil the wood. Do the same with electronics to maintain their life. Although it is not possible to move all the items, it is better to be ready for it.


Always use waterproof paints so that in the rainy season the colour of the house remains intact. It not only maintains its appearance but also protects the home from water damages. Although it may be costly to use waterproof paint, it is worth going for, rather than the regularcolour.

Pest control

You will see pests, like termites, during the rainy season. So it is better to take precautions. They will attack your furniture and doors. Once you complete the pest control, you are safe at least from one danger.

Check the wiring

The rainwater might touch the wires through walls. It may cause short circuits and other damages too. You must check for the wiring before the season begins, to avoid any power shortage or shocks at your home.

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